Meet Anna

Anna is the owner of Lola's in Pontiac, IL. She is a proud small business owner and very active in the community. Due to her bright personality she inspires the people around her to give their best day in and out.

Anna specially handpicked the menu for Lola's so you know your meal is going to taste delicious. If you see Anna inside of Lola's make sure to say hi and thank her for her tasty creation. 



“Lola” is the Tagalog word for “grandmother”

Meet the Lola's

Frieda Mae McCoy (Carmen) (or "Short" for short) was born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1938. She was mother to two boys, and lola to 4 kids. She was my everything. I love her more than all the stars in the sky and to the moon and beyond.

Leonila Gabon (Cerda) was born in Romblon, Philippines in 1927. She was mother to 11 kids and lola to A LOT. I was robbed of a relationship with lola Luning. Robbed by time and distance. I’ve been to the Philippines a dozen times, but I have no memories with lola, and the last time I was there was for her funeral. That being said, she means no less to me than my other lola, and I will see her again someday.

Anselma Gabon Cerda (Fannin) was born in Binangonan Rizal, Philippines in 1961. She married my da, Marty Fannin, in March of 1988. She came to the United States in December 1988. She is mother to 2 girls and lola to 3 apo (grandchildren). This woman is the strongest person I know. She overcame such adversity and hardship, and still managed to raise her two daughters with grace. She is the embodiment of everything I want to be. She is Lola’s.